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f(x) Immune, Co.

(pronounced "eff-of-eks" Immune)


Laboratorys today are asked to provide answers to complex questions relating to immunological functions.  Whether designing an assay to detect a bio-molecules in sera or developing assays to provide laboratory correlates of protection, f(x) Immune Co. was created to focus on applying "functional" immunological principles to answer complex questions for client businesses.  We have experience in creation of custom flow cytometric assays, custom immunoassays, multiplexed analyte detection, and specialized or customized assays to support vaccine manufacture, or vaccine performance. 

Collaborating companies allow f(x) Immune to provide our clients addtional services to meet their needs.  Whether these needs are for opsonphagocytic assays, complete immunohistochemistry services or clinical trial data management, f(x) Immune can ensure access to these specialized laboratory functions to complement and ensure a broad range of support to clients.