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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ f(x) Immune Diagnostics, Inc.​

​​​Our laboratory Scientists connect research to medicine.

  f(x) Immune designs In vitro models that elucidate the function & physiology of Therapeutic Bio-molecules. 

 IMG_0019.JPG Our Laboratory Scientists design assays, perform complex analytics and manufacture quality Immuno-diagnostics kits, reagents & controls.
From candidate molecule selection ​​through clinical trials & licensure, we provide laboratory science, consulting and analytical products necessary to navigate the "Laboratory Correlates" required by regulatory agencies.​





MC900097879.bmp ​​S. pneumoniae Biologics

  • Phagocytic Assays
  • IgG quantitation Assays
  • Wild type binding Assays
  • S. pneumo Mab Standards
Immuno Diagnostic Kits
  • S. pneumo Serotyping
  • S. pneumo Binding Ab's
  • S. pneumo Opsonic Ab's
  • Assay Reagents & Controls
Reference Laboratory Service
  • Clinical Trials support
  • S. pneumo Ab; qual & quant
  • S. aureus Ab: qual & quant
  • Contract Research
  • Assay Design
  • Process QA / QC
  • Clinical Sample Storage
  • Data Management
  • Reporting